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Book Creator can be thought of as a 21st century copybook. Copybooks typically allow students to demonstrate their learning in two ways: writing and drawing. An eBook allows for this plus a host of other forms of expression:

  • Input text

  • Create drawings (and draw on photos)

  • Record audio 

  • Record a video

  • Use photos, maps, diagrams etc. sourced online

  • Templates (comics, teacher designed)

  • Real-time collaboration 


Teacher Setup

Step 4: Give your library a name. Ensure image search and student editing are ON and that read each other's books and publishing is turned OFF.

Step 2: Choose sign in with Google and use your school email.

Step 5: Click into your new library. At the top you will see an option for Show invite code

Step 3: In the top left corner select the menu icon and then create a new library.

Step 6: Click on Show invite code and make a note of your invite code for later.

Rainbow Cubes

Student Login

Your students need two things to get started: 

1.) Their own way to login
2.) Your library invite code

If students are using chromebooks then they choose Login with Google on the Book Creator homepage - that's all

If the students are using iPads they will need their own individual  QR codes.

How to create QR Codes:

1. Login to your teacher Book Creator account.
2. Select your account icon in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select Student Logins
4. Input student names - one name per line
5. Your class library will be automatically selected - choose next.
6. Select print all QR badges.

Laminate and cut out each badge - students will need their
badge to login every time on the iPad.



How to use Book Creator